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For those companies who want to take their corporate events to the next level, procuring the right kind of corporate entertainment is a necessity. Businesses today are pulling out all the stops when it comes to corporate parties and gatherings.

However, there are some definite caveats that your company should consider when attempting to hire performers. There are many considerations that a corporate host must take into account, most important among these the impression that the entertainment will leave upon the company.

You must also make sure to hire a fully professional entertainment troupe so that you are not left out in the cold looking unprofessional because an artist or performer decided not to show up.

Below are some tips on how to hire performers for your corporate events:
When you enquire about booking fire dancers it is important to include the following information in your query.

This will insure they have all the information required to give you a quick and accurate quote:

  • Date and Time
  • Location of the Venue
  • Spacing of area the performers will perform in.
  • Number of Performers Required
  • The Event Theme
  • How long you require the performers
  • Freestyle or Choreographed
  • Indoor or Outdoor Performance
  • Any special requests (Custom Costumes, Performer Gender, etc)

Things to bare in mind when hiring fire dancers:

  • Fire Dancers busk for 1 hour or perform a 30 minute choreographed piece.
  • Please ensure that the area has been cleared by officials that it is safe to make use of an open flame for entertainment.
  • Our performances are staged events - this is not an interactive event.
  • A PA to be provided to play audio cd's, if required.
  • Stage, sound and lighting is not included, please request a quote.
  • Change facilities are required with beverages for the duration of the performance.
  • Accommodation to be provided for artists and crew for further distances and late events.
  • Enquire about our memorabilia.

Evoke the Fire will provide you with a professionally presented quotation detailing everything you will need to know for your event. No hidden clauses or fees.

Our performers can create the ambience for meet and greets which is a great function opener for your event.

You are not limited to fire performers but to any other performer you can think of (belly dancing, snake dancers, cobra charmers and more). Click here to view other performers available

When hiring fire performers it is important to think of the space you will be providing them to entertain you with as this will determine what props and techniques can be done at your event. So provide enough spacing and we can provide you with an array of entertainment.

Fire performances are best done when it is not bright daylight. In other words, our services are best suited to evening events, can be done out door or indoor (indoor preferable if a daytime event).

Should you need us for day time events in an outside area, we can offer you ribbon and flag poi for your events which creates the same ambience close to fire.

We will also provide you with photos with regards to our performers in action and a list of our clientele including testimonials to help you make your decision for your event.

Make your function superb… make it something your guests will talk about…

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