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For the same reasons, people today are still captivated by fire dancing:

Poi spinning offers a curriculum link between sport, performance arts and history. Whilst encouraging creativity through expressive movement, Poi spinning stimulates both sides of the brain therefore improving bi-lateral motor skills. Poi spinning can help children of all abilities gain confidence by way of a new and exciting activity, without the pressures of competition that may be linked to team sports.

However, the benefits gained through regular Poi spinning can help with physical activities across the board.

Poi spinning develops spatial awareness in a very visual way, a skill that is essential for all movement disciplines but sometimes hard for teachers to demonstrate. Once the basics of Poi spinning have been understood, there are hundreds of dance move combinations that can be arranged into routines, backed by music and then put into performances. As well as having enjoyed a unique and engaging experience, students who take part in a good workout are generally able to concentrate better in class.

Key Benefits

  • Increases spacial awareness
  • Stretching, Joint Flexibility & Muscle Toning,
  • Playing poi strengthens your arms, wrists and fingers.
  • Improves co-ordination
  • It improves your hand eye co-ordination.
  • Speeds up reflexes and improves reaction time.
  • Helps to promote flexibility
  • Works both sides of the brain (bi-lateral motor skills)
  • Works both brain hemispheres
  • Promotes sporting ability and stamina
  • Helps build muscle tone
  • Develops a sense of rhythm and timing.
  • Develops concentration and focus.
  • Cultivates patience and persistence
  • Teaches you the importance of precision and accuracy.
  • Can help to Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Promotes creativity
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Improves posture and body movement
  • Improves concentration and determination
  • Improves dexterity
  • Great for team building and breaking barriers
  • Good all round cardiovascular workout, therefore Decreasing the risk of heart disease.

Still not convinced, view our performances to get a feel.

Benefits of hooping

Benefits of Hula Hooping
Hooping makes our bodies feel great. We know it instantly when we pick up our first hula-hoop as a kid, and when we rediscover hooping with large handcrafted hoops as an adult. Spinning the hoop around our body and dancing with the hoop to music is fun, sensual, blissful, and creative. Hooping invokes laughter and smiles, and it improves health.

Hooping re-educates the body in conscious movement through: spiraling movements, sacral rocking, abdominal massage, and rhythmic movement. Spiraling, rocking, massage, and rhythm are primal motions of human life, beginning in the womb. Adopting these motions through playful exercise invigorates the body and stimulates self-healing.

Some of the benefits of hooping are:

Hooping burns fat. Some of the larger muscles of the body are engaged when hooping causing higher blood flow and increased heart rate. Your body will burn fat to fuel those large muscles that are working.

Hooping burns calories. Research shows that hooping can burn as many calories as a high impact aerobic class. Hooping makes your body work hard for it's oxygen, but it is low impact so that there is less chance for injury to your joints.

Hooping increases your energy level. Because of the increased flow of blood to the brain you'll feel an instant boost in your energy level. It's as reviving as a short nap.

Hooping tones and shapes. The muscles in your thighs, rear and abdominals are stretched from the pushing-pulling of keeping the hoop in motion. This will give you strength and definition in those areas. Don't forget your arms - twirling the hoop around the arm in a circular motion will help shape muscles in the arm area as well.

Hooping promotes emotional well-being. Hooping just makes you feel good! A sense of well-being is promoted through hooping. As most of us haven't thought about a hula hoop in years, we're pulled from our 'comfort zone' just to pick up a hoop. Realizing that we can do this is an amazing feeling. And once your body becomes comfortable with keeping a hoop in motion, you'll be challenged to stretch yourself even further and learn to do new things with your hoop.

can Lift Your Spirit
Hula hooping is an activity that is of immense fun, and doesn't invite that element of boredom into the routine. It can improve your mood, and also help boost your confidence while driving yourself to attain the body you want.

A More Flexible You
Weighted hula hoops are a much preferred option to go with, since its plastic counterpart is not as result bearing. The spine / discs are not familiar with flexibility, where they're benefited because the rotating motion will help make it so. You can curb yourself from experiencing back problems / injuries, and will find it increasingly helpful when doing heavy chores, and other workout routines.

Battling the Cons

A lot of people may feel dejected at first when starting out on hula hooping, but you need to understand that practice makes perfect. Find someone to help you get started. If you slip up many times while rotating the hoop, just remember that you're human. No one is a born expert when it comes to twirling it, so allow yourself to take time to adjust to the new routine. Gyms and aerobic class centers have instructors that are ready to be of help when teaching you how to use these. Find a comfortable hula hoop to work with, since bruising is evident around the torso area if the padding isn't one that is cushion-like. Don't beat yourself up about not getting the hang of it, because once you do, you'll be on your way to achieving that much-awaited physique.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your hoop, get out in the sunshine (or maybe inside while you learn to keep it up) and start your journey to better health today.

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