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There is nothing like dancing with fire…

When you hold something dangerous in your hands and your wow and amaze audience members with the skill and ability of moving and twirling with live fire…

The fire trails, the heat, the tricks are all what make fire performing unique.

Like anything else you learn, fire poi is truly an art form and continued practice will turn your performance into something completely different, versatile and enchanting.

Fire POI Dancing

Fire POI Spinning

Poi is a performance art which involves a ball suspended from a length of flexible material held in the hand and swung in circular patterns.
Poi originates from the traditional performing arts of the Māori people of New Zealand, and has since developed many forms enjoyed worldwide as a hobby, exercise, or performance art alongside juggling and other forms of object manipulation.

Poi spinning has grown beyond the scope of the originating Māori culture, and is enjoyed worldwide as a hobby, exercise, or performance art. Poi dancers may be found performing alongside jugglers, staff spinners, belly dancers and other similar performers.

Practice poi
When first learning to your poi, it is important to first invest in a pair of practice poi. Practice Poi is something soft on the end of your rope / chain which lessens the effect of the impact of the poi should you hit yourself with your poi during your practice sessions.

Performers often employ brightly colored, contrasting poi to distinguish their performance, enhance aesthetic, and emphasize pattern. Tails and streamers attached to the poi further these aims.

Practice Poi

Ribbon Poi

Typically, poi spinners start out with simple moves, gradually learning to involve more complexity. Many find it helpful to practice spinning their poi to music in order to keep a smooth cadence or rhythm.

Fire poi
The first known fire poi shows were part of private men's rituals in Hawaii. Traditional knife spinning was modified to include fire in 1946, then known as fire knife. The first public appearance of these rituals started around 1959, and became a tourist attraction by the early 1960s. However it can be seen today in the entertainment industry and as well as amongst certain belly dancers.

Belly Dance Fire Sword

Fire Sword

Fire poi are constructed from chain, with kevlar blend wicks, sometimes also stuffed on the inside with more absorbing non-melting material such as cotton, that can be soaked in fuel and set on fire.

The best fuels to use is: Citronella oil as it preserves your Kevlar from perishing when left to dry out and makes for easier transport of your poi. Other fuels used include paraffin, kerosene, naphtha (also called "white gas") or alcohol. Each geographic and social cluster of performers has its preferred fuel.

Typically these decisions are based more on legality and availability than on showmanship. Though each fuel has its strengths and weaknesses, proponents of any given fuel tend to be fiercely faithful to their particular type.

Fire Spinning

Fire Dancing Poi

Poi Tricks
There are many tricks involved with your poi and it is very important you attend a school which can teach you properly with clear instruction. Remember though that has humans we do err and mistakes can slip up when we practice with our Poi and end up hitting ourselves with it … Heaven knows I have done that many times.

Steel Wool

Fire Poi Tricks

Aspire to Fire

In conclusion to my fire poi article, I would just like to say, that you can create true magic with the use of fire, leaving your guests with a memorable occasion or to build up your own adrenaline rush with doing something truly great…
connecting people and events…

Whatever you choose, simply remember… Aspire to Fire!!!

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