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A fire eater is an entertainer, often a street artist or part of a sideshow. The performer places flaming objects into their mouth and extinguishes them by cutting off oxygen. Fire eating is the most well known of all the Fire Manipulation stunts, which also includes methods of controlling the flame, trailing and transferring the flame using your fingers, palm, and other body parts. There are also a variety of tricks using the excess fumes that are given off by a burning torch, these are known as vapor tricks.
Fire eating is a stunt and not a trick meaning the act being performed is real

History and hazards

Fire eating was a common part of Hindu, Sadhu, and Fakir performances to show spiritual attainment.
Other than sound fire safety precautions and some practical advice regarding the laws of physics (i.e. "hot air rises"), there are few secrets to eating fire. Torches do not burn with "cold flames" nor is there any special substance in the performer's mouth other than saliva. According to Daniel Mannix's 1951 sideshow memoir Step right up!, the real "secret" to fire eating is enduring pain; he mentions that tolerating constant blisters on your tongue, lips and throat is also necessary.

This is however a misconception, with proper technique it is possible to perform all fire eating stunts consistently with out injury. Although like with all the fire arts there is always the risk of accident so it is important to do all one can to plan for the worst case scenario.

Fire eating and fire breathing (and all variants) is a skill usually passed on for a skilled master to an appropriate student and almost all teachings include instructions on first aid, fire safety, chemistry and other appropriate skills.


Though it is possible to fire eat with kerosene (or Parafin) for example, it is extremely dangerous and unhealthy. Inhaling kerosene fumes can cause pneumonia, lung cancer or other potentially fatal problems.

The only recommended Fire Eating fuels are Isopropyl Alcohol or White Gas/Coleman Camp Stove Fuel. These fuels have minimal health effects and due to the water content in both they feel as if the are burning with a relatively low burn temperature making these fuels more manageable and appropriate for fire eating.

Warning: There are no fire eating fuels that offer “no” risk. Avoid inhalation of fumes at all times they can cause severe damage to your lungs and are potentially carcinogenic. Also these fuels do not taste or smell the best. Always keep fuel in a sealed, well labelled container.

Fire-eating tricks

These are arranged in alphabetical order.

Vapor tricks

Vapor tricks utilize the fuel vapors held in the mouth during or before an extinguish.

  • Cigarette light - light a cigarette with a Human Candle
  • Human candle - slowly feed a candle sized flame with vapors you hold
  • Vapor transfer - ignite one torch with the vapor from another
  • Moonshot - shoot vapors straight up


Transfers are methods of moving a flame from one area to another, by using the body, or another surface or medium.

  • Body transfers - transfer the flame from one torch to the other with parts of your body, e.g. arm, leg, chest, buttocks, etc.
  • Finger transfer - transfer the flame from one torch to the other with your fingers (most common form of transfer)
  • Fire floor transfer - transfer the flame from one torch to the other on the floor
  • Tongue transfer - transfer the flame from one torch to the other with your tongue


Extinguishes are methods of extinguishing torches, and are the traditional hallmark of fire eating.

  • The Blow Out - Utilizing breath control to extinguish
  • The Extinguisher - Utilizing a class:B fire extinguisher to extinguish aforementioned flame(this trick is highly dangerous and never done by seasoned fire performers)
  • Multiple fire eat - basic fire eat with several torches at once
  • Flaming cotton ball extinguish - put out a cotton ball as you would a torch
  • Hand snuff - put the torch out by snuffing it with your hand
  • Whip extinguish - pull the torch down out of the flame to extinguish it


  • Teething - hold a lit torch by the wick in your teeth
  • Immolation - passing any part of the body through the flame
  • Retention - Holding a lit fire torch by your hand with the lit wick within your mouth for an extended period of time
  • Straight snuff - Fire eating whilst keeping your head level
  • Tongue rest - Letting the lit wick of a fire torch rest on the tongue
  • Shotgun - lighting a trail of fuel on the body to light and unlit fire torch.
  • Slow burn - Very slowly dragging a lit fire torch on the skin

Side Show Acts

Fire Eating Tricks, Dragons Breath, Human Candle

Tongue Transfer




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