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Fire Whips are among the most spectacular and dangerous fire performance implements in use.

While popularized in the world of fantasy novels and role-playing games, firewhips do actually exist.

In reality they are made of braided Kevlar or other similar aramid fiber, and a metal handle.

These fibers are critical because they can withstand extremely high heat and remain flexible and strong.

The firewhip is soaked in a petroleum like Coleman stove fuel, Paraffin, citronella oil or whichever fuel is preferred by user and ignited. When the whip is cracked the fuel spray creates a fireball.

A skilled firewhip user can throw a fireball 10-15 feet and hit a target with a high degree of accuracy.

The crack a whip makes is produced when a section of the whip moves faster than the speed of sound creating a small sonic boom.

There are at least three "modes of motion" that can produce the necessary speed in a whip to cause it to crack.

The three are: a half wave, a full wave and a loop. These names are indicative of the shape of the bends in the whip as it is thrown.

In all three, the initial motion is applied to the handle, and the resultant shape moves down the whip's body to the tip.

When a whip is thrown, the initial motion of the handle adds some amount of kinetic energy to the body of the whip. If the whip is going to crack, the handle movement must also produce one of the modes of motion that create a reversal of direction in the whip's movement.
Since the momentum is the product of the mass and speed of the moving object, the smaller the mass, the higher the speed. Hence the end of the whip moves extremely fast, easily reaching the speed of sound.


Shows and competitions



Goasslschnoizen is translated as "whip-cracking"
In earlier centuries, the carriage drivers used elaborate crack sequences to signal their approach and to identify them. Over time horse-drawn transport dwindled, but the tradition remained, and coaches practiced their skill in their spare time.

Today the Goaßlschnalzer ("whipsnappers") do concert performances, often as bands that include conventional musical instruments. Whipsnapping is also a traditional sport in Bavaria. There are many whip-cracking associations in Bavaria.

British Whipcracking Convention

The British Whipcracking Convention is a place for all who are interested in whip cracking. This ranges from complete novices who have never picked up a whip, through intermediate skills to expert skill sharing. There are workshops for the differing skill levels as well as competitions and targets. The third convention was held in Aldersley Leisure Village, Aldersley Road, Wolverhampton on 14 July 2007.

Australian sport

In the latter half of the 20th century, attempts to preserve traditional crafts, along with a resurgence of interest in Western performance arts and the release of films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark (in which the hero, Indiana Jones, uses a bullwhip as a tool), led to an increased interest in whipcracking as a hobby and performance art, as well as a competitive sport.

Whip cracking competitions have become especially popular in Australia. They focus on the completion of complex, multiple-cracking routines and precise target work. Various whips, apart from bullwhips, are used in such competitions. The most common whip used in Australian competitions is an Australian stockwhip, a whip unique to Australia.

  • Target routines
    • target cutting
    • object wrapping
    • object moving/manipulation
  • Cracking routines
    • Cracking patterns
    • Cracking with two whips

In cracking routines, the judging criteria are the presentation and making audible cracks in prescribed moments.

Guiness World Records

There are many who attempt to achieve the guiness world record in whipping but none supass Adam Winrich who holds 9 guinness world records:

  • 2010 Most two-handed whip cracks in one minute: (513)
  • 2009 Most bullwhip cracks in one minute: (257)
  • The longest whip ever cracked (216 ft long)
  • The most stock whip cracks in a minute (272)
  • The most bullwhip cracks in one minute (253)
  • And 'fastest whip' - 10 targets (4.85 seconds)
  • The most two handed whip cracks in a minute (420)
  • The most candles extinguished in one minute with a whip (50)
  • The most drink cans broken with a whip in three minutes (23 cans

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Fire Whipper, Adam Winrich






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